The Activities of Internationalization of Medical Services Association

  • To establish networks among Japanese medical institutions aspiring to be international hospitals
  • To support building partnerships and cooperative structures between overseas medical institutions and Japanese medical institutions
  • To provide high quality medical care for Japanese people who move or visit abroad as well as foreign people who live in or visit Japan
  • To help medical and welfare institutions develop an operating environment including international legal affairs, IT utilization technology, medial interpretation and facility management for the purpose of providing international services
  • To encourage collaboration among medical and welfare institutions and medical, healthcare-related companies at home and abroad in order to create new service industries
  • To contribute to building a healthy, longevous society for aging Japan and Asian societies through supporting anti-aging medical services
  • To provide opportunities to train medical service professionals who can be active in their international communities

Establishment of International Medical Network

Activity Programs of Internationalization of Medical Services Association

  1. 1. To provide the latest medical and welfare information in China and Asia

    We periodically provide the latest local information gathered firsthand at the universities and medical institutions in China and Asia who work together with our Internationalization of Medical Services Association, not through media organizations.
    * For the time being, we provide it quarterly; and we plan to provide it monthly in the future.

  2. 2. Information on study tours to overseas affiliated universities and medical institutions

    We provide information on study tours to overseas universities, vocational schools and medical institutions mainly in China, working together with our Internationalization of Medical Services Association. Through these study tours we offer medical and welfare institutions opportunities to understand local situations necessary from establishment through operation of facilities, as well as opportunities for further friendship and business matching.
    * We plan the first study tour in August 2012, and the second one in November.

  3. 3. Information on study tours from overseas medical institutions to Japan as well as medical seminars

    We organize tours to visit Japanese medical and welfare facilities in order to monitor advanced medical and welfare service equipment, for the overseas universities, medical and welfare facilities, administrative institutions and companies that work together with Internationalization of Medical Services Association. At the same time, we hold medical seminars to introduce the latest Japanese medical and welfare services. Through these study tours and seminars, we provide opportunities for mutually beneficial information and human communication exchanges.
    * We plan the first “study tour and seminar opportunity” in September 2012, and the second one in January 2013.